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Synergy Equestrian Centre is located in beautiful Victoria BC, and is currently operating out of Beowulf Farm in Saanich. Synergy Equestrian is a community of horse people where everyone is working towards a common goal of developing their relationship with their horses. My name is Claire Aasen, owner of Synergy, and I specialize in blending relational horsemanship and dressage, with the objective of creating a relaxed, happy and willing horse who is able to perform to a high level without any worry or tension. My training involves a blend of groundwork and riding, taking the time to build trust and establish a confident, balanced and harmonious partnership between horse and rider.

I believe that mental and physical softness are the foundations of a true partnership between horse and rider. Many people strive to feel a deeper connection with their horses, and that is the focus of my training program. Students are taught how to develop their feel and timing, and how to establish leadership in a way that allows their horses to be confident in their work and able to relax and focus on the task at hand. I want to be able to bring horses to their full potential without ever sacrificing the trust and softness we have developed together.

Everything we do at Synergy Equestrian is based on the connection between people and their horses. With this in mind I offer services ranging from starting young horses, to retraining horses who are struggling, and advancing horses to higher levels of training. Students of all levels are welcome, we offer a friendly team oriented atmosphere for everyone.




- from the greek work synergos (working together) 

 - the cooperative interaction between two elements or beings, which when working together produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects

To me, synergy with horses refers to the goal of working in partnership with the horse, never taking away from their natural power, expressiveness and character, only adding to it by encouraging balance, strength and harmony.


About Me

I grew up in Winnipeg, MB and began riding at the age of 11. I loved it right from the beginning, and soon my weekly lessons progressed to working as a groom for my coach and riding every time I had the chance. A few years later I was blessed to get my first horse.

After riding and working in many different disciplines including arabians, saddlebreds, western pleasure, hunters, jumpers, and eventing, I fell in love with showjumping. The day after graduation I moved to Langley for a working student position, and eventually moved to Calgary to work and ride at numerous jumper barns. But somewhere along the way I found myself wanting more... I was seeking more of a connection with my horses, on a deeper level than I had experienced to that point.

In 2007  I went to watch my first Josh Nichol clinic, and it was like a whole new world opened up to me! I felt like this is what I had been missing, this level of connection and relationship with the horses. From that moment I was committed to learning all I could about this new area of horsemanship, and I have spent the last 6 years working with Josh as often as possible. 

Since beginning my work on relational horsemanship, I have developed a love of classical dressage. My goal as a trainer is to blend my horsemanship skills and philosophy with the technical aspects of dressage, to create willing, relaxed horses who are happy in their work and totally connected to their riders.